Carrot foam, with a side of chemistry

Um, $190 for carrot foam? I'll have to pass.

(CNN) ROSES, Spain -- Bright green truffles, carrot-flavored foam and liquid that tastes like olives may sound like odd dishes, but they are among those that have helped Spanish restaurant El Bulli earn its reputation as one of the best in the world. ... The gastronomic innovator and his team serves diners a 27-course meal full of weird-sounding food. To start there is "pistachio truffle cooled in liquid nitrogen" or "air of carrot," a beautifully presented dish of frothy carrot foam.

The article goes on to talk about warm gelatin and salty ice cream and peaches dipped in liquid hydrogen. I know it's all revolutionary and everything, and he's the greatest chef in the world, but some things were not meant to be invented.

Here's a first-hand account of some of this type of "food," along with pictures.


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